The podcast manager can order audio files on your website and automatically updated iTunes and other podcast systems This video will walk you through adding, editing, and removing a file from the system.

You must already have an MP3 file created and on your computer. The MP3 file must be less than 50MB in size to use the web uploader. Please contact us for a custom solution for larger files.

Cheat Sheet
1. Go to the administrator portion of your site (
2. Click Components > Podcast Manager
3. Click "Podcasts" form the left menu.
4. To edit an existing file, click the title in the list. To create a NEW file, click the green "New" button.
5. Click "Select" and upload your new MP3 file. click "Choose Files" (or Browse on a PC) to select the MP3 file on your computer.
6. click "Start Upload" to upload the file.
7. Once you see the green "Upload Complete" message at the top of this windows, choose the file you just uploaded form the list of files and click "Insert."
8. Give your podcast a title.
9. Add an author name
10. If you would like to change the date of the file, click the "Publishing" tab and change the Created date and Publish Date to the desired dates. Placing a date in the future in these areas will automatically publish your podcast on that date and will be unavailable on the site until that set date.
11. Click "Save and Close" to finish.