Widgetkit allows you to create individual photo galleries with square/rounded photos and place on any article of your website.

1. Login to the administrator (http://yourwebsite.com/administrator)

2. Click Components > Widgetkit

3. Click Gallery

4. Click the gallery to edit OR click “Add New” to create a new Gallery.

5. If new gallery, Change the settings on the right side to match this picture. This sets up the square gallery images.

6. From the right side under “Folders” choose the folder with your images that have already been uploaded OR click “Create Folder” to upload new images.

7. Click “Add to Photo Gallery.”

8. Drag your new photos into the area on the right that says “Drop new images here to upload.”

9. Enter a caption and custom link for each photo (optional.)

10. Click SAVE at the top of the page.

11. Click CANCEL at the top of the screen to go back to the main listing.

12. Copy the SHORTCODE in the row of the gallery you want to share on a page. ex. [widgetkit id=3]

13. Edit the article you want to put the gallery on, then add that copied code to the page you want the gallery to appear on.