Your Joomla site uses a Slideshow on the front page of your site using a program called "Widgetkit." This will show you how to edit your slideshow.

**Make sure each image in your slideshow is the same size or your slideshow will look strange with blank areas as your photos switch between images. Below are recommended sizes:

100% Horizontal: 2500px X 500px
Horizontal: 1200px X 400px
Half-width: 600px X 400px

Edit the Slideshow:

1. Login to the administrator section of your site (

2. From the top menu, click "Components > Widgetkit."

3. From the horizontal list in the grey bar, click "Slideshow."

4. You will see a list of slideshows on your site. The front page slideshow is typically called "Front Page Slideshow" or just "Slideshow." Click the title of the one you wish to edit.

5. You will see a number of page editor areas. Each area is a single slideshow. You will add photos to each area just like you would add an image in an article or page.

Add Image Area:

Click the "Add new Item" button at the bottom of the page. This will create a blank slideshow slide.

Delete Image Area:

Click the circle icon on the right side of the area to delete.

Reorder Slides and change Settings:

Use the "Order" area on the right side of the screen. Drag and drop each slide title to the order you like. Make sure the "Order" dropdown is set to "Default" for the slides to show in order.